Who is xQc? Why is xQc So Popular?

“xQc” is one of the biggest gaming streamers on twitch now. No matter what his questionable characteristics, the French-Canadian streamer continues to take over online along with his interesting and hilarious content, which fans love to watch.

XQc’s origin in gaming. He has streamed virtually every popular game, starting from trip dudes and among us to decay and GTA RP. Those people that don’t view xQc often wonder exactly what the French-Canadian streamer is really famous for. The clear answer is incredibly simple, and this also article will showcase it.

Who is xQc?

XQc is actually a twitch gaming steamer. While playing his video games he used mainly his label as xQc and soon after when he started his profession as a specialist streamer he come to be well-known along with his nick name “xQcOW“. So XQC is a gamer who started his journey on twitch

XQC Real Name

“xQc” real name is Félix Lengyel. He was born in 1995 in Canada.

Where does xqc live?

Currently, Xqc is living in Canada.

Where was xQc born? Where is xQc from?

He was born in 1995 in Canada today they have 5.8 million followers on twitch going his career in gaming by playing Overwatch. XQc started his earliest flow in 2014 by playing the category of stories.

How Old is Xqc?

He was born in 1995, So xqc is 27 years old.

How much does xQc make a year? XQc revenue

According to Wikipedia and news, from all the streaming sources and all other sponsorships, xQc makes nearly $8 million USD in 2019.

Where does xqc stream?

Xqc started his journey on twitch. But now he is also streaming on YouTube.

When did xQc start streaming?

Félix began their career as an overwatch player as the key tank at Datzit Gaming (a semi-professional esports organization). Félix and his awesome team acquired dreamhack Montreal in 2016. In 2017, Lengyel accompanied Dallas gas because of their 9th pro. Only becoming aided by the professionals for a few suits, Félix quickly came under flames as a result of homophobic remarks to a rival user. Soon after, he received the second suspension system for multiple social media marketing violations and hateful statements toward the overwatch group casters. He after walked lower from Dallas energy. 

Why xQc is so popular?

He generally turned into well-known in 2019 when he began responding to videos and memes also he streamed a different variety of games on twitch where he streamed 365 distinctive and strangest video games for 365 eras because of the interest gathered by most readers for the reason that time.

  • Material range

One of the primary reasons behind the rise in popularity of xQc is the number of information he can stream. Their avenues are more about activities than video gaming techniques. Consequently, players don’t have to be concerned with obtaining annoyed enjoying exactly the same warzone or Fortnite avenues each and every day.

  • Controversies

Together with his material variety, xQc also brings a variety of debates. Whether it is a twitch bar for stream sniping, rust drama, metagaming in GTA 5 RP, or calling aside some other streamers, crisis follows the French-Canadian twitch streamer anywhere he goes.

How did xQc get famous?

He primarily became greatest in 2019 when he started reacting to films and memes furthermore he streamed various wide variety of video games on twitch anywhere he streamed 365 unique and strangest games for 365 weeks making use of interest achieved numerous audiences in that time.

Does xQc still play overwatch?

An admirer requested you’re concern on stream that the reason why he you shouldn’t play overwatch he then answered that the main reason for maybe not playing overwatch is stream snipers when I play the video games the folks begin coming to my group and attempting to seize some attention he desires to play every game such as the enjoyable and enjoy it but caused by men going to his staff he stated I will perhaps not play it.

XQc profile pic

XQc is from Canada, and it has even displayed his nation worldwide playing aggressive overwatch. He’s, however, French-Canadian, which explains why some terms have actually a certain twang as he speaks. He can furthermore talk French.

Who is XQC | How old is XQC

Xqc Nationality

Xqc’s nationality is french.

Why do people like xQc?

XQc is actually a new streamer he starred around 365 various games each and every day with a brand new name furthermore. He helps make every game interesting while playing him also takes on a number of the strangest games that any individual would not enjoy playing but xQc made a great audience that likes to see the variety of games that he streams.

XQc playlist YouTube

The official YouTube channel name of xQc is xQcOW. He streamed and share his reaction videos on YouTube. I have attached the most popular video of xQc below.

What is xQc’s setup?

  • Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q
  • Keyboard: Steel Series Apex Pro Tkl
  • Mouse: Logitech g pro
  • Headset: HYPER CLOUD II
  • xQc Microphone: Shure Sm7b

Unlike other streamers, xQc likes to keep its avenues easy and organic. No extravagant streaming room, no state-of-the-art created. Simply a desk, digital camera, chair, and a decent games set-up in the area of his place to tackle their varied selection of games on.

In reality, he actually dislikes the notion of creating a fancy streaming set-up within the very own separate place, saying that he doesn’t want it to feel like he’s “going to work.”

His gaming pc runs on an

  • Intel I9-9900k processor
  • high spec EVGA GEFORCE GPU.

How much does xQc make on twitch? xQc Revenue

It is estimated that xQc has an internet well worth in the region of $3-5 million as a consequence of their high customer count and viewership on twitch, plus revenue from views on his YouTube channel.

Unlike additional streamers, xQc doesn’t genuinely have other sourced elements of income along with their twitch and YouTube income. He extremely rarely assumes sponsorship coupons making a relatively few profit contrast from overwatch esports.

He is, nonetheless, closed to luminosity video gaming as an influencer, and can have-been paid a good-looking sum for the bargain.